Southeast Asian Room

Southeast Asia inhabits a large part of our imagination and collecting interest. Our primary focus resides in a region known historically as the ancient kingdom of Lanna: an area which comprises present-day Northern Thailand, and borders on the Shan States in Burma, Sipsong Panna in Yunnan Province in China, and Luang Prabang in Northern Laos.


Lanna, known as “the land of a thousand rice fields,” is geographically cut by river valleys and towering mountains anchored by giant teakwood forests. Centuries-old Buddhist temples and chedi with golden pediments, still punctuate the landscape.


The Marc J. Matz Collection includes a formidable group of stone, bronze and wooden Buddha images from Northern Thailand, Laos and the Shan States.

The collection also includes a significant group of Northern Thai scripture cabinets;  together with other traditional Buddhist objects, and an extensive group of Shan lacquerwares.