The Marc J. Matz Collection comprises an extensive group of antiques, which span the globe: from the Americas to the East Indies, to China and Southeast Asia. The collection took root nearly forty years ago in Cambridge, Massachusetts where Matz opened his first shop in 1976. In the beginning years, Matz acquired a broad knowledge of American and European antiques, of which he still holds enormous interest. But it is his discoveries from the East, made during the intervening years, where Matz finds limitless fascination.

Interest in Colonial Trade furniture from India has gained great momentum in the past few years following the publication of Furniture From British India and Ceylon, by Amin Jaffer of the Victoria & Albert Museum; followed by the landmark V&A exhibition: Encounters, The Meeting of Asia and Europe 1500-1800. Matz was the leading financial sponsor of the book and wrote a Foreword. 

Today, Matz's Damariscotta, Maine gallery is his entrepot where noteworthy examples from all of the trade routes, continue to be discovered.